The Academy has spacious and well - equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Each student gets the necessary equipment separately. Laboratories are modern and spacious. A student can explore the realms of science and computer technology utilizing the facilities.


Omega has a good library with necessary texts and a variety of reference books. Books range from general to textual and provide good reading materials to students. Daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals published in Nepal and abroad are also available in the library.


Omega has its own cafeteria supplying hygienic food items at reasonable prices to the students. The cafe is clean, healthy and well furnished. It provides boiled and filtered water to students to avoid any water-borne diseases or health risks.


Students at Omega can utilize the basic medical facilities available here. First-aid facilities are readily available for those students who need them in an emergency.

Excursion tours

Educational excursions are organized on biology, population studies, and sociology and hotel management.


Students living in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur can use the transportation facilities of the Academy. Transportation use should be registered during admission time.

Hostel Accommodation

UA provides hostel accommodation having all necessary facilities. The hostel has a good environment for studies. Students needing extra academic guidance are provided with extra classes, regular tuitions without additional costs. Pre-terms and pre-board exams will be conducted before terminal and board exams for well preparation. Students can enjoy facilities like good food, spacious bedrooms, television and telephone on weekends. Games like basketball, gyms, badminton, volleyball, chess and table tennis are available for hostel students.